Sunday, February 1, 2009

Deer and Coyotes and Squirrels, Oh My!

Hubby is thrilled--the game cam finally caught some animals in pictures.

There were a couple of pictures of deer, but I'll share the one that had two deer in the frame:

Here the animal was walking away by the time the camera took the picture, but you can still make out what it is--a coyote.

We also had some footage of squirrels foraging for acorns and nuts. That wasn't a surprise, but at least they weren't ripping bark off of limbs. (Yes, I'm going to carry a grudge over that for a while.)

Now the question is going to be if he leaves the game cam there or tries to move it. He's been hearing what he thinks are coyote pups playing in another spot. We'll see.


countrypeapie said...

We have gads of coyotes around here -- often the pups wake us in the middle of the night. That'd be cool if the game cam got a shot of some pups.

Mayberry Magpie said...

Thank you for visiting Mayberry Magpie.

My husband and I long to live in the country, but after years in a big city then a congested suburb, we're loving small-town living. We have an acreage in Colorado that we hope to put a cabin on and retire to. For now, we visit it in the summer and camp.

I run every morning (before the sun comes up) and a couple of mornings ago as I was running on the edge of town (near several cattle pastures) I heard several coyotes howling. It was a beautiful song. That's what city dwellers miss. Nature's song, in all its glorious forms.

Rurality said...

We've never gotten squirrels on our game cam! (I figure the overabundant coyotes eat them all.)