Monday, February 9, 2009

Harbinger of Spring

This weekend I noticed a visitor in our new (to us) yard: a daffodil. A single daffodil had opened and there are others not far behind him, waiting to open too.

Not all daffodils open this early in the year. Some are early daffodils, like this one. Some are late, not blooming until after you've given up on them for the year.

Not all daffodils are yellow on yellow like this one. There is an amazing variety of color combinations in daffodils. I'm looking forward to planting them here, after I've seen what is already here and blooms this year.


countrypeapie said...

Ours are about to pop, too! One of the most exciting things about living here for the first year was discovering the plants and flowers that we didn't know about until they sprang into action.

Journey2thepast said...

Even here in the city mine are shooting up as well! I love springtime!

edifice rex said...

I have just one that has opened up here also. Lots more up with buds though!