Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mousecapades

Mice are something I've only seen in pictures or in movies like Stewart Little. Or cartoons like Tom and Jerry, now that I think about it. In the movies and cartoons they are portrayed as cute little creatures but I was less than thrilled one evening when I heard something scurrying in the wall.

On the alert, I started looking in the kitchen cabinets for signs of the scurrier. Sure enough, I found tiny little signs that it had been under the sink. There was a small gap by the plumbing that apparently allowed access. Immediately I had visions of an infestion and ran to the store the next day to buy mousetraps. I bought a lot of mousetraps. We set one that evening and within minutes we heard a "snap!" We looked at each other, trying to decide if we really wanted to look in the cabinet.

I'll interrupt the story to say that, yes, we do have three cats. They went ape when they heard the scrabbling in the wall so I considered leaving the cabinet door open to let the mouse/mice entertain the cats, but then I thought of whatever illness/disease a mouse might carry and thought about walking into the kitchen in the morning to find a bloody mess or being brought a "gift" in bed in the middle of the night and decided to stick with the mousetrap method of capture.

Hubby drew the short straw so he went and looked in the cabinet. Sure enough, there was a dead mouse caught in the trap. One down, x to go.

To be continued...


Sonya said...


They are cute in a movie. Not so cute in a cupboard.

The rest of them most likely moved out after the carnage of the first:)

mountainmelody said...

ughh...mice. I can't seem to get rid of mine. They especially love the kitchen. The other night I heard one having a party in the attic while I was trying to sleep. Awhile back I had an interesting post about a mouse in my kitchen drawer that involved another animal too...

countrypeapie said...

After living in the city and having problems with those extra big kinds of mice whose name I shall not type here (and no, we did not live in a hovel), I am thankful that country mice are small. And kind of cute. You know, from a distance.

The Country Experience said...

Sonya, if that was all it took to get them out, that would be fine with me! lol

MM, I'm going to have to search for that post and read it. A mouse alone in the drawer would be bad enough, but another animal too? ::shudder::

CPP, the large rodent to which you are referring is what I was at first afraid the scrabbling was, so I was indeed relieved that at least it wasn't one of those. They are common in Birmingham so I have seen more of them than I care to in the past. Once after a lot of rain I found one that had drowned in my garbage can. Ewwwww! Now THAT was nasty!