Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Take a Break from our Regularly

..scheduled topics to bring you this interesting story straight from today's headlines. Seriously. I have to post about this. Otherwise the story may get lost in the revolving door of today's news and not be noticed, but it's too good to miss.

In checking the news pages on-line this morning, I saw a headline about robbers with facemasks--but not just any old facemasks. No, this daring duo apparently had something against the tried-and-true robber mask of pantyhose over the head. Maybe they prefer cotton, maybe it's what was handy or easy to find after a long night of drinking, whatever their reasoning or lack thereof, these brainiacs wore thongs as their facemasks.

Yes, let that sink in. Thongs. On their faces. Can't quite picture it? Me either. So I had to search for a picture, because frankly I was thinking of a string of floss and, well, why bother?



Go ahead, look at it again. Think about the thought process that might have (or might not have) gone into making this decision. Undergarment selection has probably never been so life-altering.

You know what I see here? A cautionary tale and a great advertisement for the old-fashioned undergarments known affectionately as "granny panties." Take a large pair of them, cut out some eye holes in them, you're good to go. They are cotton for easier air flow--important when you have to breathe--and can cover all facial features. What's not to love?

Underwear. It's not only under your clothes anymore. But if you're going to wear it on your face, you may need to give the idea a second and even a third thought. Just a suggestion.


Journey2thepast said...

O.K. - that is hilarious! I mean, come on...if you're gonna rob somebody, at least give yourself some chance of getting away with it!

countrypeapie said...

LOL! Once again proving the point that men often think with their youknowwhats.

Anonymous said...

Do you think I could include this as an article on repurposing? Maybe the medical community will pick up on this brilliant idea and start repurposing thongs for surgical face masks! Or maybe not.