Monday, February 16, 2009

Pasture Tunneling

Not only do we have an armadillo (or several) running amok on our property, we have now discovered a full-blown, well-formed tunnel in the pasture. The pictures didn't turn out well, but it was amazing how smooth the tunnel walls were. (And no, I didn't put my hand in there to feel them, lol, although it was tempting.) At first we didn't know if it was a burrow or a tunnel, but then we found another entrance -- about 50 feet away! --so that made it a tunnel. Hubby said he later found a third entrance even further away.

In looking around on the web for what might be doing the digging, a gopher appears to be the most likely culprit. Even the southeastern pocket gopher, despite its small size, can dig extensive tunnels.

Does anyone have any other ideas of what might be making the tunnels?


Rurality said...

Groundhogs. :)

Journey2thepast said...

Heck - if I saw a hole of any kind in the yard, I would run because I would automatically think snake. Don't snakes dig holes to? Maybe not tunnels, but holes?

The Country Experience said...

I think snakes do have holes they make their homes in. There are a few holes that I've found that are good candidates for that. ::shudder:: That or voles, maybe, because the holes aren't very wide. Yeah, maybe it's voles, that's it, that's the ticket. (I want to believe!)

These entrances, however, are quite large. I'll see if I can get a picture to turn out decently so I can show you. It's amazing. Impressive, too, in a way.

Rurality, any ideas on how best to "encourage" them to move on?

I'm considering spending a lot of time out there with one of my dogs to let her scent up the area well, see if that would make the groundhog(s) rethink strategy. She also would love the chance to have a furry friend to harrass.

LauraP said...

We had a skunk burrow on one end of the old barn and an armadillo burrow on the other. The dogs rid us of both eventually. Seriously, farmcollies are awesome.