Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here's the Entrance

This is the entrance to the suspected tunnel in the pasture. We don't know for sure that it is a tunnel, it could be a burrow. We can't see a wall inside to one direction and there is another entrance many feet away in that direction in the pasture, so we suspect that they are linked.

That is my shoe in the picture, to show scale. It's a size 8 woman's shoe. It isn't as far from the entrance as it looks in this picture, it's how the ground is rounded. The entrance really is almost as big as my shoe!

Here's a look inside:

All it needs is a little "Home Sweet Home" sign over it, eh?


mountainmelody said...


countrypeapie said...

A hobbit hole!

Rurality said...

If you go to Googles images and type in "groundhog hole" you will see a lot more of those... look here for a few suggestions:

It would be hilarious if the Juicyfruit thing really worked...