Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bad Squirrel!

This is a picture of the branch that has been peeled of its bark by a squirrel. You can also see in the background that a woodpecker has taken a liking to this tree at some point in its lifetime, as well. It's an old tree and is probably on its way out according to the former owners, but it frustrates me that a squirrel may be hastening its demise. Bad squirrel! It's not like there isn't enough food around here. Grrrrr.

From what I've found on the internet, no one really knows why squirrels sometimes do this. There are theories but they are all supposition. Squirrels can choose a certain type of tree or they can just like one particular tree for this activity. So far it looks like it's just this one tree. Yesterday when I took this picture I looked at the other trees in the area but didn't see any others like this, thank goodness. The stripped branch gleams in the sunlight so it's pretty easy to spot once you have seen what you are looking for.

We're probably going to go ahead and cut off that branch to try to save the tree. Bad squirrel, bad!


countrypeapie said...

One time someone gave me a squirrel feeder for my birthday, and I thought: does this person secretly not like me?

The Country Experience said...

Ewww, at that point I am not sure it was a secret any longer, lol.

Either that, or they thought you could use some target practice!

Patsy said...

I never knew squirrels would do that.

It's so interesting to find other Blount County bloggers.

Rurality said...

Those holes in the background are from a Sapsucker! Cool birds. Doesn't hurt the tree.

I think apple bark must taste good. Our parakeet LOVES it when we put an apple twig in his cage. He'll end up eating all the bark off - it's his favorite kind of branch!

The Country Experience said...

Hi Patsy, it is interesting.

Rurality, thanks for the info. It's good to know that it doesn't harm the tree. The squirrel, on the other hand, is on my list.....