Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Tribute to Our Tractor

My husband has been seeing another woman. It's been going on since last summer. He'll pretend he's going out to do an odious chore, but the sparkle of glee in his eyes gives him away. I know that means he's going to see "Her."

Was I jealous? No. I knew he would be coming back to me when he was through with her. Hey, if it made him happy, it made me happy, but I have to confess that she didn't do much for me.

Until recently. Now I must confess that I am enamored of her.

When we were in our darkest hour (okay, not really, but it was pretty ugly) she came through for us. We were merely going up a slight hill in our truck to drop something off at the barn. It was only supposed to take a few minutes at the most so we could go on about our day. Unfortunately the ground was still so water-saturated that we couldn't get up the hill. The truck tires spun and spun, uselessly. We tried to get the truck out, to no avail. We were in a hurry so we decided to take my car instead. Oops, there was a problem there too, which maybe I'll tell you about another day. It's still too fresh to discuss.

So there we were, stuck with a truck stuck in the mud. Hubby looked at me, wondering if he should even mention her. He decided to go for it. "Let's see if the tractor can pull it out."

He woke her up and drove her over, hooking the truck to her drawbar. She slowly pulled the truck out of the ruts in the mud and up the hill. Whoohoo--she did it! I love this girl!

This was the point at which we had our whirlwind ride down the hill. Wheeeeeee!


countrypeapie said...

What a woman! Does she have a name?

The Country Experience said...

No, we have too much respect for her to limit her to any one name. Of course, because she is a Southern woman we have considered two names (as many good Southern women have, I've been told) but so far none have seemed to fit.

Kristin said...

Oh man. My husband would leave me for a tractor in a second. He lusts after them. Luckily, he's too cheap to take a mistress like that.