Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Beauty and The Beast

We all know the fairy tale about the beauty and the beast, but this isn't about them. This story is about one entity being both the beauty and the beast.

The following picture is one I took. The slant to it is because the horizontal post isn't really horizontal but is slanted, but the focus of this post is at its center: the plant.

I was looking at this picture and analyzing the composition when I remembered that I wanted to know what kind of plant it is. It has all these black berries that are quite pretty and that I'm sure birds just love. There are a lot of those plants around here. I showed the picture to a friend and received the prompt response of, "Run! Run for your life!" It is privet, her long-standing nemesis of which I have heard more than a few tirades. Crestfallen, I double-checked and, sure enough, privet it is. I have seen the beauty and the beast, and privet is its name.


countrypeapie said...

Ohhhh, we had sooo much privet where we used to live in Birmingham. The birds do love the berries, and there are small, almost-too-sweetly scented white blossoms once a year as well. There are different kinds, but we had the REALLY invasive type that spread EVERYwhere and couldn't be destroyed without some sort of poison, which we weren't willing to use. So there was always a lot of pulling up and chopping and cursing going on.

Nice picture anyway!

The Country Experience said...

Peapie, our city house had some privet but I don't remember ever seeing the black berries. I do remember scented white blossoms, which I read can wreak havoc with allergies. No wonder!

There is so much privet here, I am going to have to make a multi-year plan of attack. Due to the number of projects we already have on our plates, I don't have time to make privet my sole focus. Its day will come, however.

Good thing I wasn't hoping to move to the country so I could sit around and watch tv, lol.