Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Had Snow--and I Missed Most of It!

I am in shock that the weather forecasts were correct for a change and we actually did have some snow Sunday. It came down quite heavily and looked quite pretty--for about half an hour. The one day I was finally able to sleep late in an effort to recover from a challenging week and feeling sick was the one day this year it snowed!

So by the time I woke up enough to stumble outside in the strong winds, it had already started melting. The light (off the snow, maybe?) was blinding and the wind was so fierce it was difficult to see, much less take a picture.

We had been going to use this as an opportunity to check for tracks outside the groundhog hole but the snow had already melted out of the pasture. It was so darned cold that our feelings were not hurt by not having to go all the way out there, lol. We went back inside and thoroughly enjoyed the heater.

At least we can say that we did see snow this year, if only for a little while.

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