Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He Said It, Not Me

I have not shared this story because mainly I prefer to live in denial. The very idea of snakes makes me shudder, so relaying that my husband and dog have seen more than one snake....Well, I believe my eyes might have rolled back in my head and caused my husband to wonder if we had any smelling salts. That or I might have set a new world record for "haulin' a##."

We had only just moved in last year when my husband went for a walk to take in the beauty of our surroundings. He took one of our dogs with him. Man and dog walked along in silence.

Rustling leaves intruded on my husband's thoughts. He looked around and saw it--no, saw THEM. There was not one, no, there were TWO snakes writhing on the ground intertwined. Husband stopped walking suddenly, the snakes turned their heads and looked at him, the snakes quickly scooted off, man and dog turned as one and walked away in the opposite direction.

Your first question probably is the same as mine was: what kind of snakes were they? Fortunately they were only (a term I don't normally use with snakes of any kind other than the small green garden snakes) black racers. It was mating season, according to websites. ::shudder:: That means that they probably reproduced. Ugh. Yes, I know black racers are not dangerous. It's something I understand on a cerebral level. Instinctively, though, there isn't anything I like about snakes except a great amount of distance away from me.

Hubby has been noticing mice at the barn recently. This is not acceptable, especially because our root cellar is there. His statement was that the snakes need to come out of hibernation and take care of the problem. Personally I would not call out the snakes for such a trifle when mouse traps could work, but he likes to live dangerously. He said it. Not me. I simply couldn't wish for snakes to come visit.

Hoping to keep the snakes away, I have been out at the barn setting out plenty of mouse traps left over from earlier mouse adventure. I would much rather we have to throw away the dead mouse bodies than have snakes slithering around in our midst. ::shudder::


mountainmelody said...

I agree with you completely! Search for "mice" on my blog and you can see a few of the fun adventures I've had with mice and snakes. That's one bad thing about living in the country!

W. Latane Barton said...

I am right up there with you hating snakes. We lived in the country after he retired from the Navy and before we moved to town. He called me one day and come see what he'd found. So, I walk out to the edge of the yard and stop and ask 'what?' I looked down and I was standing amid about a dozen snakes. They were young and by this time he had killed them all and had flung them into a scattered circle. And, here I am in the midst of them. We almost got a divorce over that little episode!! You see why we live in town now!!

countrypeapie said...

We had a couple of rat snakes stealing the eggs from our coop last year. Not poisonous, but still. Lee ordered snake traps. I have no idea what a snake trap consists of. He hasn't actually done anything with them yet. I'm skeptical.

edifice rex said...

Yeah, snakes give me the willies but I just try to avoid them.
Hey! how did your bar exam go? I've been meaning to ask.

The Country Experience said...

Mountainmelody, I finally got a chance to look for "mice" and "snake" on your blog--oh my! The snakeskin was a stunner, but so was the idea of two mice running across the living room, right in front of you. ::shiver::

Latane, I don't blame you one bit for being upset about that!

CPP, stealing your eggs isn't funny, I hope the trap works.

ER, I try to avoid them too. I regularly stomp on the ground and sometimes carry a walking stick to thump on the ground, just in case the snake is a little slow in feeling vibrations, lol.

As for the other, "stress" sums it up. We'll see. No pressure--ha!

Sue said...

I had to comment here to give you some encouragement to be less afraid of snakes. I don't know about the kind you have, but we have garter snakes in our city neighborhood, and our neighbors kill them when they see them. We like them, and they love our compost pile and other spots in the yard they can bask on or hide in. I still get startled when I see them while turning my compost, but they are more afraid of me.

I wouldn't want them eating my eggs, but I'd give them free reign over the rodents if I could. Maybe if you learned more about the kinds in your area, it would help.