Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Chickie Pics

Pic of some of the chicks at the store Saturday:

We picked the minimum, six, then picked two more. We put our chicks in a box and left all the others. (I didn't show all the tubs of chicks, just the part of the one.) There was quite a crowd. We walked by again a few minutes later and saw this:

One lonely, scared chick peeping for its peeps. Awwww.....

Here are our peeps after we arrived home with them. Yes, we brought home the last lonely chick. You didn't think we could leave it, did you?

The food dish did not stay in the box for long. It was to tide them over until we'd washed the new feeder and water dish. The temporary water dish was removed from the box so I could get a better picture of them. It was a tad crowded in there while we were all trying to get situated.

There are nine chicks. Anyone care to guess how many will be female, the gender we want for its eggs?


countrypeapie said...

Cute! When we discovered our surprise chicks that hatched last year, the gender ratio was about half female, half male. I hope you get a lot of layers!

Sonya said...

I am so jealous. SO JEALOUS!!