Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's Try Some Raspberry Plants

Finally there are signs of life on the raspberry plant!
I bought two raspberry plants earlier this year, two different varieties because I couldn't remember which was better for our area.

Unfortunately the variety doing so well is the variety that I had decided to take back. Darn. I won't be taking it back now. It wants to live! And I want its luscious fruit. Grow, baby, grow!


countrypeapie said...

Yum -- you can make jam to put on your homemade bread!

Lythrum said...

I saw a lot of new growth on a blackberry plant that I planted in my garden for birds. It had thorns and I'd thought about switching it out for a thornless variety. I guess I won't complain with what works. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Sonya said...

Oh man, I can just taste those raspberries in a few months! Nothing like eating them right off the vine. Or is it right off the stem? Plant? Whatever, they are so GOOD!

PS...those monitors at each station at the spa are TV sets so the guests can watch whatever they chose, if they choose to do so...isn't that a hoot? I am content with a new magazine and getting beautified!!

The Country Experience said...

Hmmm...I can not even imagine how good that raspberry jam would taste. Hopefully it will produce some this year. I'm so patient. (NOT!)

I was shocked, CPP. Tonight my h told me how much he liked my homemade loaf bread and asked if I would make some more. This is progress! Now if we can just find a good pickling cucumber and the right mix for the juice for it, we'll be in business.

Lythrum, since you planted it for the birds, I wouldn't go to the trouble of switching it for a thornless variety. Ours, however, are for us so I did get the thornless kind. I usually find every single thorn the difficult way. I really enjoy my roses but I end up doing a lot of cussing before the year is out after some run-ins with rose thorns. Ouch!

Sonya--tv sets? No way! I'll bet the stylists enjoy it, no being forced to chat with every single client. Win-win.

W. Latane Barton said...

So happy you made a comment about my dinasour quilt. Sure, you can learn to quilt. It's such a joy if you have one creative bone in your body which I bet you do.

I used to live in Alabama (Jasper to be precise)

countrypeapie said...

TCE -- do you want to learn how to quilt? A friend of mine and I are interested as well. We should join forces -- I know nothing!

The Country Experience said...

WLB, I know where Jasper is. Small world.

CPP, my first thought was, "Heck yeah!" My second thought was to laugh at the image of the blind leading the blind leading the blind...Okay, maybe that looked funny to me because it's Friday and I'm seriously deficient in sleep for the week. Seriously, it sounds like it has the makings of a productive good time.