Sunday, December 28, 2008

Someone Got a Game Camera for Christmas

Inspired by Rurality's adventures with her game cam, my husband wanted one for Christmas. He didn't get the same model that Rurality has, but we'll see if it works as well as hers does.

He hung it on a tree and began waiting to see what it would catch.

Today he excitedly came into the house with the camera and said it had taken two pictures. I had to immediately stop what I was doing so we could see it together on the computer screen versus looking at the pictures on a smaller camera screen. So I stopped, plugged in the camera, and we waited. It seemed to take forever (but really didn't) as we had to answer technical questions (preview the pictures? copy the pictures? transfer the pictures? or copy and review the pictures?--just let us see the pictures!) before the pictures would appear. My husband was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. What would we see? We both watched the screen as the pictures began to form--

a fuzzy blob. A fuzzy blob that somehow looked a little familiar.

"Oh look, your hand", I said to him. "See the outline of your fingers?" The other picture remained a murky blob of nothing identifiable. The disappointment was palpable.

The game camera has been moved to another tree. We'll see if there are any better results with that location. Let the wait begin!

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Rurality said...

We get those kinds of pictures a lot too. We always have to discount at least two photos... one will be taken when you set it up, and one will be taken when you remove the card!

Lately we haven't gotten a lot of pics though. You really have to pick your location... sometimes I just know things are doing the limbo just out of reach of the lens.

Ours doesn't work well when it's not cold outside either... it's been so warm here lately that we can't expect much.

I have high hopes for the current location though! We get better results if we leave the camera in place for a few weeks without going near it. But that can be difficult to do, especially when it's new and you're still figuring it out!