Monday, May 4, 2009


This is Dinner. Here he is about 6 weeks old. Part of his beakiness is fear, I think, as it was worse when I didn't know about approaching him with my hands from the underside. However, no matter what way my hubby approaches him, he doesn't nip, peck or bite him--I guess he isn't all dumb, since hubby is the one who feeds him the most.
I've been carrying him around with me as I walk sometimes, setting him in the crook of my arm. He doesn't seem to hate it and I start to feel all soft and sentimental towards him when he makes his soft "cheep"ing noise. Of course, the next time he doesn't want me to pick him up and he pecks at me that soft, sentimental, warm feeling goes completely out the window and I wonder if he will make it to maturity before I decide to have him for dinner. It is definitely a like-hate relationship.
I remind myself that I don't have to make a pet out of every animal, but I like to be able to handle any animal in my care. What if he is injured and I have to grab him?
It's a guess at this point but, if he were injured, I dare say I wouldn't be grabbing him.


W. Latane Barton said...

awwww sweet little chicken. Don't eat him. He didn't mean to peck you.

countrypeapie said...

He's a cute little rascal. I can't bring myself to consider any of ours food. I think we'll just keep letting them lay until they reach old age and go to chicken heaven. (Although we did have so many at one time that my husband came pretty darn close to making homegrown chicken and dumplings....)

countrypeapie said...

Okay I take it all back. They ate my roses!!!