Saturday, April 11, 2009

Learning the Hard Way

This is our first spring in the country so we are learning a lot. Sometimes we are learning the hard way. The recent freeze after planting some of the garden is one example.

We knew the freeze was coming so I hit the thrift stores and bought sheets in preparation. We covered the plants and anchored the sheets with bricks. We were good to go, right?

Not quite.

The weight of the sheets appears to have been too much for the young plants. Apparently we needed to put something out to keep the weight of the sheets off the plants. Oops. Next time we will put something out to support the plants. Lesson learned.


Lythrum said...

If it's not chickens it's feathers. :) Glad everything seems to have made it!

countrypeapie said...

It is SO HARD to wait until the last frost date to put things into the ground. By the time April 14 rolls around, we've already had many beautiful, hot, sunny days and so many things are already in bloom! Plus, it's fun to get a head start. I'm sorry the sheets didn't work -- an extra bummer because you really did try! Live and learn. I learned not to leave any peat pots full of seedlings on the kitchen floor for even a moment lest my four-year-old come running full speed into the kitchen with no regard whatsoever for what might be on the floor. Sigh.

Sue said...

If you have tomatoes or peppers, you can get "walls of water" to put over each plant and just leave them there until the danger of frost is past to extend the season. I don't remember how early you can do that, a few weeks ahead of the frost date, O think. I used them a long time ago, and may remember to do that this year.

It sounds like you are learning lots!